Imagine this: you’ve recently gotten a new job and moved to a new city. You’re just getting the hang of the best routes through town, feeling great about life and the future and paying close attention to everything while on your way to the grocery store.

Your life turns upside down in an instant.

Out of nowhere you’re t-boned by a distracted driver. Your car is totaled, and you’ve broken your left arm, a couple ribs, and banged your head on the window hard enough to black out briefly. The ambulance takes you to the hospital – alone – where you spend 2 days while they monitor your brain swelling and you are finally discharged with crutches and a cast. The ER doctors prescribe 6 weeks of bed-rest and limited stimulation so your concussion can heal properly. You’ll recover, but it’s going to take awhile.

Luckily, you have family who can take time out of their schedules to come help you get situated – but you didn’t work at your new job long enough to qualify for disability coverage and your new employer, while kind enough to hold your job for you when you can come back to it, can’t pay you for work you’re not doing.

Now what?

So, here you are – 4 or 5 days later, laying in bed at home, stable, but wondering – what now? Your car insurance company is calling every day demanding a statement, and you can’t even really remember all the details. Was there a police officer? How did you get to the hospital? When did you leave the hospital? What pain meds are you taking, exactly? How are you going to get money to pay your medical bills, replace lost wages, and a new car – much less go out and get food and just deal with everything?

You ask your family member what to do because, well, you’ve never been in a car accident like this before and you feel too wretched to begin to sort it out yourself.

Your main job is to heal and get back on your feet.

Eventually, you or a family member goes online and searches something like “what to do after a car accident in [state]” and soon realize that getting an attorney involved is the next practical step – so you can go on healing and getting your life back in order.

Every attorney in town wants your call right now, and as soon as you start the search, they smell blood and start circling like sharks in the water. Keep in mind, it’s not your blood they smell. They smell the blood of the insurance company of the distracted driver that hit you. Naturally, that insurance company wants to bleed as little as possible. When you are hurt and trying to make sense out of your new life, you do not want to be fighting with the insurance company. The further away from you they are, the better.

The law firm’s job is to fight with the insurance company.

Even though law firms can get a bad rap for being too darn happy about making money from injured people, they really are the good guys in this battle. You need a law firm on your side, dealing with the issues that you simply do not have time, energy, or experience to deal with competently. They are going to do their best to ensure your medical bills get paid, your car is replaced, and any lost wages or other damages are paid to you.

Injury law firms usually get paid a percentage of whatever settlement they can deliver – typically it’s 28%-40% of the total, depending on the situation and the firm. In most circumstances, they don’t collect money up front from you. Do not begrudge them their fee because if they can settle for $100,000 and take $30,000 as payment leaving you with $70,000, chances are you wouldn’t have gotten anything more than a pittance after trying to do battle yourself. Insurance companies don’t always play nice when it comes to these types of claims, and if you don’t have an experienced law firm working for you, you’ll end up doing a lot more work with the potential for much lower final compensation.

LegallyInjured exists to help you discover the right law firm for you.

When you start looking for a law firm, the number of firms can quickly overwhelm. LegallyInjured has done a lot of the legwork for you in advance. Here’s what we’ve done to help you make a decision about your legal representation:

We scoured the internet for injury focused law firms in your city.

Finding a good selection of law firms that just do injury law is harder than it sounds.

LegallyInjured strives to weed out the general practice firms that handle a wide variety of issues because injury law stands alone among legal practices. Simply, your needs are far different than the needs of someone going through a divorce or fighting an unfair business partnership dissolution. We see a lot of advertising for injury cases by general and family law firms on other directories, and we view this tactic as misleading. To be fair, some general law firms have separate injury divisions or dedicated injury lawyers on staff, and we may make exceptions from time to time to list them, but most of our listed firms are obviously dedicated to injury cases and those that aren’t have to plead their case with us.

Listing law firms reduces confusion.

When you are injured and decide to get a lawyer, you call a law firm. Lawyers work for law firms, but for some reason, most directories list lawyers instead of law firms. Listing lawyers yields tons of duplicate entries, outdated entries, and way too many options to manage. LegallyInjured lists law firms and lets their intake staff sort out which lawyer will handle your case. This leads to a much smaller pool of listings for us to manage, and a more realistic set of options for you to evaluate when the time comes.

We categorize the issues that injury law firms handle, so you can compare them.

Categorization means that you can select and find a law firm than handles broken bones and concussions suffered in a t-bone car accident. LegallyInjured allows you to select any combination of categories you want, in order to find the firms that handle the unique combination of experience you require.

There is nothing automated about our directory.

This directory is powered by good old fashioned human intelligence. There is nothing automated or artificial about it. We hope to make fewer errors than the AI bots, but errors will happen, and they can be fixed without difficulty.

New listings must go through an approval process.

We are happy to add new listings as long as they meet our requirements. There is no mechanism in place for law firms to add themselves to LegallyInjured without being evaluated and approved by us. We believe that keeping the directory focused on injury law firms yields the most value to injured people.

We ditched all the extra information that doesn’t help you.

Most, if not all, other directories are constantly cross promoting other firms, offers, and unrelated junk that does nothing to help you make a decision to call a firm and request a case evaluation. We also ditched the boiler plate, painfully boring law firm descriptions you find on every other directory. We don’t read that nonsense, why should you?

Every law firm listing emphasizes reviews first.

We realize that reviews can be fake or malicious, so we don’t attempt to collect our own reviews, nor do we try and police the other platforms. For our free listings, we show Google’s Most Helpful Reviews. Sponsors have a complete option to show more reviews from around the web originating on a wide variety of popular review sites.

We don’t sell advertising, we sell sponsored listings.

Sponsored listings enjoy many benefits that free listings do not. However, you won’t see sponsored law firms, or other advertisers taking space on free listings. Each listing, sponsored or not, has a core set of features that are designed to serve you, the injured person. If the only law firm you find after doing a categorical search is a free listing, so be it. Any injury law firm is free to purchase a sponsored listing or not, and we are careful to not cross promote from one listing or other except where explicitly requested by each firm.

Sponsors are rewarded for their content.

Many law firms write extensively about the topics that concern injured people most – yet this content rarely surfaces in any real way. LegallyInjured collects, categorizes, and counts the content to recognize those firms that do the most work educating their communities about personal injury issues.

Sponsors may link their offices together.

Many injury law firms have multiple offices to serve you better. Sponsors may link all of their offices together

Live chat is live.

If you engage with our live chat, you will be dealing with a real person. If you send us an email, we will answer it. We don’t like phone calls much, even though law firms love them.

Creating order out of chaos is hard work

LegallyInjured is here to make your life easier at the exact moment it becomes excruciatingly hard. It’s easy to shop for a used car, dog food, or a new house online, but it is still difficult to compare local service businesses.

That’s the problem we hope to solve for you. Thank you for giving us the chance.