Have you ever read a blog post by a law firm? You should – law blogs are usually pretty interesting.

Law Firms cover all sorts of unusual, gritty issues about injustices committed and justice served. They dive into important topics about how their local communities are affected by local laws, driving habits, gross negligence, and major events – both heroic and tragic. They write about real people who have suffered immensely, and who have prevailed against terrible odds.

The sad truth?

Many Injury Law Firms are churning out great blog content constantly, but virtually nobody is reading it.

So I got to thinking Рcould I create a system that recognized Law Firms for their commitment to writing great content as a way to help differentiate them from other law firms? From that question, the Committed to Content Badge was born.

The 4 important topics

The first step was to boil down the vast range of categories that lawyers cover into 4 basic topics vital to most injury cases:

  1. Injury
  2. Liability
  3. Medical
  4. Accidents


Many law firms have become experts on the injuries that people suffer due to someone else’s negligence. Frequently, these will be broken limbs, brain injuries, and even death. The law firms write about how to avoid the injuries, how to treat them, prognosis, and long term costs.


Liability covers a wide range of sub topics like nursing home abuse, negligent security, dog attacks, and slip and fall. If you’ve been hurt for some reason due to someone else’s negligence, law firms have you covered.


Medical has emerged as a critically important topical area for many law firms, especially as it extends beyond just medical malpractice by a physician. Medical extends to various injuries – like birth injuries – as well as sickness caused by unsafe medications and poorly designed medical devices.


The accidents topic is meant to cover any kind of content about motor vehicle and related accidents. It will also covers public service announcements about various dangers on the road, implications of driving while intoxicated/distracted/fatigued, and the perils of sharing the road with semi trucks, pedestrians, animals, bicycles, and whatever else.

What we don’t include

Law Firms also produce a lot of content that doesn’t really fit into any of these categories, such as announcements about case victories, staff changes, and news jacked stories. News jacking is where a law firm posts a summary of a news story about a tragic event on their website and links back to the original story from the TV station or newspaper. News jacks are not really contributing anything new, so we ignore them.

Collect, Categorize and Count

The next step is to collect the content of the law firm, categorize it by major topic, and count the number of entries. This is a tricky, time consuming step for the LegallyInjured team, and we take it very seriously.

Awarding Badges

Awarding badges is the fun part. Once we’ve got the content all sorted out, we award badges to the law firms with a top score of 100 based on the number of entries we found per category. We capped the top score at 100 because it’s a number most of us can relate to while being achievable for most law firms.

Invitation Only

This is a time consuming, manual, white-glove process, so we don’t offer badges to our free listings. Committed to Content badges are by invitation only. That doesn’t mean that all law firms will earn top scores or even any scores at all if they haven’t produced sufficient content. But once they produce it, we will award the badges.

Badges may be posted on Law Firm Websites

We designed the badges to be attractive and intuitively appealing to people who may not know anything about LegallyInjured. Sponsors are encouraged to post the badges on their own websites to promote their award and stand out from competitors.

Are we done?

No way! We’re just getting started. Look for significant improvements and adjustments to the Committed to Content Badge system as we ramp it up and roll it out.